kitten themed second birthday for little girl

The Purr-fect Kitty Themed Birthday: Eleanor Turns 2

kitten theme birthday shirt, invitation, tutu, and accessories for kitty theme birthday
kitten theme birthday
birthday decor kitten themed

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you know we recently moved. Before leaving, I really wanted to capture some last memories of Eleanor in the house we brought her home to. While at the time her birthday was still 7 weeks away, I wanted to throw her a little birthday bash with just the 3 of us! Now her birthday is less than 30 days away and I still can’t believe we’re going to have a two year old.

Eleanor absolutely loves cats, so I thought it was only fitting to have a kitten themed birthday! Most of the table settings were found at Ellie & Piper, while others were found at Homegoods. Seeking help from Pinterest, I was able to make yarn balls by simply wrapping styrofoam balls with yarn. They are probably one of my favorite features on the table. I found her tutu at Zara and made her shirt using my silhouette. I tackled my first balloon arch using a kit I found on Amazon. Her hair accessories were found on a random trip to Osh Kosh.

I’m really excited with how everything turned out & I’m glad we chose to capture these images at our old house. As her real birthday approaches, we’re planning to host a drive-by party that features more kitten themed fun! So stay tuned for more birthday photos! 

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kitten plate stacked on top of other paper plates, birthday party horn
cutlery, birthday horns, milk bottles
daughter next to cake and flowers with birthday balloon garland behind
child with pink balloons
child kicking balloons on floor in birthday outfit
child with hands in the air smiling with birthday cake in front of her
child looking at cake with balloon garland behind her
child grinning as they eat cake for their birthday

The Details

Plates, candle, party horns, cutlery: Ellie & Piper (you NEED to shop here for all of your party needs)
Cake stand: Hobby Lobby
Cake: Publix — I bought the most simple cake and took most of the frosting off and adding real flowers on top.
Tutu: Zara — My go-to for all of Eleanor’s clothes.
Balloon garland: Amazon — I hung the garland with command hooks.
Balloon pump: Amazon
Hair accessories: Osh Kosh –These were such a lucky find. You can find cat headbands more frequently.

See how we celebrated Eleanor’s third birthday here.

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    September 3, 2020

    This is so cute! Definitely taking notes for when my daughter turns two!