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Gift Guide: Toddler Love Basket

Love season is upon us again! As each holiday comes & goes, I get more excited to create little gift baskets for Eleanor. I love seeing her joy and excitement! We try to keep things minimal so we often donate older toys & clothes to justify the newer items. I’m also starting to notice that people are beginning to shop earlier & earlier for holidays gifts and decor! I hope my guide gives you some ideas for your little girls/boys.

love basket for toddlers valentines

Cuddle + Kind : For every doll purchased, Cuddle + Kind provides 10 meals to children in need.
Heart Pjs : I always suggest checking out your local Marshall’s & TJ Maxx. They will typically have holiday pjs. I found this pair on Amazon.
Heart Shaped Straw : These can be found mostly anywhere, but here is a large pack on Amazon.
Melissa & Doug Ballerina Dress-Up : I love Melissa & Doug. So many stores carry their products. Here is the dress up set I found on Amazon.
Sunglasses : Love these heart shaped sunglasses!
Jelly Tote : I found my tote at H&M, but my favorite party shop also sells these totes. You can also find so many other great gifts on their site!
Book : There are so many great valentine books! As Floridians, I love this one!
Velvet Bows : So many great bows to choose from.
Coloring Set : Eleanor loves to color and I love these Color Wonder sets!
Lip Balm : Is there a toddler that doesn’t love lip gloss? I love this princess set.

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  • KrizzyM
    February 8, 2022

    These are so cute items for gifting, Brittney! I love it and I love your ideas. I have been planning to give something special to my Niece and have ordered a basket from I will definitely add some of these stuffs to make it extra special.

      → KrizzyM
      February 8, 2022

      That’s wonderful!