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The Ultimate Amazon Road Trip Essentials for Kids

A road trip can be scary with kids, especially little ones who like to run around, so I’ve compiled a list of Amazon Road Trip Essentials. Eleanor is definitely one of those children who rarely sticks to one thing for more than 5 minutes. Every time we’re in the car for more than 45 minutes, Eleanor will ask, “are we there yet,” every two minutes. We’ve done a few trips now and we’re finally learning what works and doesn’t work.

My goal is always to try to limit tablet use, but if that’s what’s working, we go with it. I’ve found that introducing new activity books or even small toys piques her interest the most. If you wanted to make it even more fun, you could wrap the items, too. I opt to just have her close her eyes so it’s less mess in the car. You could introduce something new every hour or as needed. Usually I give her new items as needed. Be sure to save some items for the trip home! If you only have one child, like us, I suggest sitting in the back seat with them.

The items I’ve found to be the best include the travel tray table, which she uses about 60-75% of the trip, LEGOS, and activity books. Be sure to download movies or television shows on your tablet prior to the trip, too. Scroll to see the full list of items I recommend.

Road Trip Essentials for Kids Amazon Guide

Amazon Road Trip Essentials for Kids

  1. Doodle Board: This is great because they can doodle, erase, and then doodle again. We love taking this everywhere on the go.
  2. Travel Tray: This is a MUST!! The travel tray makes it easy for kids to color, play with small toys, eat, and more.
  3. Animal Jigsaw Puzzle: The travel tray should make this activity easy to do. If not, it would be a great item for restaurants when waiting on food.
  4. Pop Its: These are always popular with kids. Make it fun by getting their favorite animal or thing.
  5. Snack Container: I love this snack container and it’s available in MANY colors/characters. You can also store a variety of snacks.
  6. Headphones: Headphones are always a great addition to those using tablets or DVD players.
  7. Activity Pad: I loved this pad because it comes with stickers of what you need to find. They can also color the pages.
  8. LEGO DUPLO Set: You can find a storage box at Dollar Tree that the LEGOs can also stick on! We love the bigger LEGOs because they’re easier to grab and won’t be easily lost in between the seats.
  9. Amazon Kids Fire Tablet: Whether you have an Amazon tablet or iPad, I think it’s great to have something for kid’s to watch a movie on when you need some quiet time. Make sure you download movies or shows before your road trip so they’re ready to go in the car.
  10. Travel Scavenger Hunt Game: Each card has something to find that you may see while driving on the road.
  11. Travel Tray for Cup Holder: This is a great option to make snack time easier to manage for littles.
  12. Owala Insulated Cup: Owala is by FAR our favorite cup these days. They are leak proof and I love the fun colors.
  13. WikkiStix Sculpting Sticks: These have a wax texture to make it easier to mold and safe for kids.
  14. Magnetic Creations: I’m a sucker for all things magnetic because it makes it less likely to lose things. You can find some magnetic activities at the Dollar Tree, as well.
  15. Auto Bingo: Great for multiple kids. Complete Bingo by finding things while in the car on the road.

Want to see some of these items in action? Check them out here.

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