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The Ultimate Amazon Cruise Ship Essentials for Families

Preparing to take your family on a cruise? No matter what cruise line you choose to sail with, these Amazon cruise ship essentials for families are sure to enhance your vacation! From ensuring you make the most of your small cabin space to making sure your phones are charged. This guide is sure to provide you with all your need as you prepare for your trip. And the best part? You can shop for it all on Amazon!

Amazon Cruise Ship Essentials for families gift guide
  1. Power Bank: It’s never a bad idea to include a power bank in your cruise ship essentials for families, especially when getting off the ship to ensure you can always keep your phone charged.
  2. Shoe Organizer: This was by far my favorite hack for cruising with families. When packing, roll your child’s clothes and place in it’s own slot. You can even organize the rows by swimsuits, pajamas, play wear, etc. Once done, roll it up and pack in luggage. Then when you arrive to your cabin, you’re already ready to hang it. Now your child can easily see and grab what they need.
  3. Luggage Tags: Weeks before your trip, you’ll receive luggage tags to print at home and attach to any luggage you’ll check prior to boarding. We like using these tags to ensure our tags don’t get damaged in the process of making it to our cabin.
  4. Magnetic Hooks: Another great way to make the most of your cabin space is by using magnetic hooks. Most cruise ships will have magnetic walls. By using magnetic hooks, you can hang hats, bags, and other items.
  5. Lanyards: When cruising you’ll receive a Sea Pass card that you’ll need to access your cabin, as well as, getting on and off the ships at ports. Some ships have a tap entry door, while others you’ll have to insert your key. Regardless, having your pass on a lanyard allows it to be easily accessible at all times. Your Sea Pass is also used for purchases made on the ship, as well.
  6. Travel Mirror: Lighting in your cabin can be dark. If you’re someone who needs great light for getting ready then this travel mirror is perfect for you.
  7. Waterproof Water Pouches: Assuming you’re traveling somewhere tropical, it’s great to have waterproof phone pouches to keep your phone safe in the water.
  8. Charging Station: Outlets are very limited in your cabin. Often there won’t be an outlet directly by your bedside either. We used this charging station to ensure we could charge everything we needed for our family. It’s important to note that cruise ships don’t allow extension cords. This specific Amazon cord and station I was able to take on board the ship in my carry-on.
  9. Motion Sickness Meds: Probably one of the most important cruise ship essentials are motion sick medicines. If you are prone to motion sickness, it may be ideal to get sea patches, otherwise, Dramamine or Bonine should be efficient.
  10. Walkie Talkies: If you have older kids cruising with you who will be adventuring on their own while on the cruise ship, walkie talkies are great to have. You can easily use them on the ship when needed.
  11. Foldable Multi-Plug Outlet: If you’re just looking to create more outlet space, this is a great multi-plug to use that takes up less space.
  12. Kids Travel Journal: A travel journal is a great way for families to jot down or doodle about their trip to have a keepsake.
  13. Collapsable Water Bottles: If you family isn’t purchasing a soda package, then I highly recommend adding these collapsable water bottles to your cruise ship essentials packing list. Use these to fill up with water or juice to keep hydrated all day.
  14. Laundry Bags: I recommend unpacking everything once you’re in your cabin and have your luggage. Then you can store your empty luggage under the bed. To avoid having to constantly pull out your luggage to store your dirty laundry, it’s best to have a laundry bag handy instead.

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